Your Web and Mobile Applications are the Gateway to Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Data

Your customers and partners trust you to be a steward of their data. Failing to implement robust, ongoing security initiatives exposes companies to enormous financial and reputational risk. Working with CESPPA gives you, your customers, and your partners peace of mind in knowing that your company has implemented best-in-class security initiatives.

A Revolutionary Solution for Modern Business

CESPPA leverages the collective knowledge of over 1,700 security researchers to continuously discover and report security vulnerabilities in your website and/or mobile apps.


security incidents


of breaches were financially motivated


of attacks involved insiders


of breaches took months or longer to discover

Comprehensive Monitoring

Malicious hackers are constantly finding new ways to compromise companies' systems, and new vulnerabilities are reintroduced every time a company pushes new code/product. CESPPA's vigilant security researchers protect your online presence by continuously discovering and reporting old and new vulnerabilities alike. Continuous testing is the key to ensuring the security of your data and online systems.

comprehensive monitoring

Actionable Intelligence

Improving web and mobile application security can be challenging, and the right solutions are not always easy to identify. CESPPA simplifies the process of receiving and curating vulnerability submissions, and provides your team with clear, concise, and actionable recommendations to remediate vulnerabilities.


CESPPA provides crowdsourced security solutions that make your software more secure CESPPA application security platform matches businesses with vetted researchers across all types of applications you are running.

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