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CESPPA was founded by Joseph Melika and Clark Landry in June, 2018. We launched with a mission to secure the internet, and a vision to create a security platform that provides world-class security intelligence designed specifically for rapidly-growing technology companies. We validated our vision quickly when we engaged with Veritone, a leading provider of artificial intelligence technology and solutions. While going through the rigorous and demanding security certification process for FedRAMP, Veritone approached CESPPA for their initial security assessment. CESPPA then operationalized the process of satisfying FedRAMP’s third-party assessment controls, helping Veritone receive their FedRAMP certification in a rapid manner. Since then, many new customers have partnered with CESPPA, and have discovered how our platform can help them not only secure their assets, but also win new business.


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Where does the name "CESPPA" come from?

CESPPA is a shortened reversed abbreviation for APPLICATION SECURITY or APPSEC. We aim to disrupt and improve crowdsourced application security to provide a turnkey solution platform which creates immediate return on investment for our customers.

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